She began her career in construction several years ago with a family owned construction business emphasizing road construction and excavation. Throughout the years of extensive work and education she developed into a WMBE Certified Company. Linda attended KCKS and OCC earning a BS degree in Management and Human Resources, Alexander Hoyt Business Management, Mid America Real Estate Institute Turner Construction Management, and American College of Forensic Counseling. She is very passionate about her volunteer work and affiliations within the community. 

Linda was diagnosed with Lupus in the early 90’s and serves as Assistant Executive Director for Colors of Lupus Nevada and President of the Board of Directors for Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc.

own business are nothing short of amazing, and they make her a “Woman of Worth”. 

Autumn was diagnosed with SLE on December 24, 2012, it was her gift from Santa. As a person diagnosed with Lupus, Autumn strives to bring Lupus to the forefront, trying to engage more on a personal level with the Lupus Community as opposed to larger organizations. 

Autumn doesn’t look at Lupus as her curse but as her blessing as it allows her to help others through this difficult journey, giving her the title of the “Lupus Guru”. Autumn fights every day, one day at a time!

Jeanette Pizarro-Harpe - Media & Marketing Director

Terrel Mosley, Sr. - Community Outreach Coordinator

Tamika Marshall - Community Outreach Coordinator

Operational Committee 

Tamika Marshall has resided in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2010. Born and raised in Pasadena, California, she has one daughter, three sons and a grandson. Tamika displayed Lupus signs and symptoms after the premature birth of her third child in 2006, but her confirmation of the disease did not come until the birth of her last child in 2009.

Jade was born in Detroit Michigan raised and immersed into an African American Methodist Church home early on. At the age of 13 she was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis due to chronic pain, stiffness and swelling of her limbs several months later was then confirmed to have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in January of 2001. She spent her teenage years isolated trying to understand having a chronic illness at such a young age. She has 

In 2003, while in the Marine Corps after returning from Iraq, Terrell was diagnosed with SLE Lupus & Scleroderma. Now he is a Retired Marine working with Colors of Lupus Nevada and supporting, advocating for Lupus here in Las Vegas and wherever his voice can be reached. Lupus has put Terrell and his family through a lot of ups and downs in the last 10 years with lupus nephritis, 

Since being diagnosed, she has suffered through two heart attacks, one stroke, beat ovarian & cervical cancer, countless surgeries, and hospitalizations for various Lupus related issues. Tamika was forced to leave the medical field for over 15 years after suffering the second heart attack. Her first-year home was horrible and caused major depression and anxiety. She knew she needed to do something more with her life. Tamika started Versatile Woman. 

Developing her own vegan body product line of soaps, body wash, body oil & more, manufacturing candles and even becoming a Certified Event Management Planner. She is learning to love herself again, understanding that it is ok to be true to yourself, enjoys time with her people who value her worth and loves being a part of an amazing sisterhood. 

Her favorite quote reads: “You are BEAUTIFUL. Never forget that. In a world of 7.1 billion people, there is only one YOU. Take care of you because the world needs you.”

Linda Thomas - Asst Executive Director

had many trials due to Lupus and is always very determined to succeed against any odds put in front of her.  

Soon after graduating high school, she continued her education, becoming Certified in A+ Computer repair, Cisco Networking and Nursing Assisting where she worked in Nursing for the next 10 years. She has been passionately advocating for Lupus for the past 6 years starting in her hometown with the Lupus Detroit organization. In 2015, she relocated to Las Vegas in hopes of being more active in her healthcare. She was immediately welcomed with open arms to the Colors of Lupus Nevada where she currently serves as Administrative Director while continuing her education in Hospitality Management. Jade also works in Member Services, owns and operates Footprintz Creations crafting unique home goods. She Is a proud mother of two children, she also enjoys planning, crafting and cooking. She is a proud Founding member of Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc. while also diligently working on the events and fundraising committee of the operational board. 

Jade’s goals include continuously doing her part in the local community, educating, advocating, and raising her voice nationally to be a part of the solution; striving to find a cure for Lupus while keeping faith that God will make a way for us all until there’s a cure. 

Linda Thomas, now semi-retired, was the Executive Director for the National Association of Minority Contractors, Las Vegas, NV and Chair of the National Chapter Development, Washington D.C. Founder and President of LLJ Consulting & Construction, a full-service General Contractor. Her own sensitivity to the minority audience stems from her multicultural background, having been born in the Mid-West with extensive travel throughout the USA and outlying areas. 

mouth sores, depression, anxiety, joint pain, fatigue, weakness, and heart problems, just to name a few.  Terrell has learned that every day is different and a new battle for every Lupus member so he is here to help everyone out as much as he can to bring a Cure for Lupus to the front of the medical world.

We are all here learning from each other to let the world know that we will not let Lupus just keep getting pushed to the side.

Jade Caine - Administrative Director

 and her BA in Multimedia Arts & Design. Jeanette was diagnosed with SLE in 2018. She lives in Texas with her soulmate, Retired (USMC) GySgt Darius Harpe; they share 5 children. She retired from government service, ending with the Department of the Interior, US Fish & Wildlife Service as an Administrative Officer.

She is a multimedia artist and author of a memoir titled Camouflaged Shame (Uncensored) - A Path to Redemption After Military Sexual Trauma. Jeanette sees the importance of giving back by providing information and support where possible. She is a member of the media & marketing team for both Gamma Pi Rho and Colors of Lupus NV. She is also a member of the Women Marines Association, the Disabled American Veterans, Psi Zeta Phi Military Sorority, Inc., and the Realize Foundation.

Jeanette Pizarro-Harpe is a Trailblazer member of Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc. She is of Puerto Rican heritage and was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Like her father, she enlisted in the US Marine Corps. She served during Desert Storm from 1991 -1998 and honorably discharged in 1998 as a Sgt. She earned her Technical Diploma in Network Engineering & Data Communications, her AAS in Digital Arts & Animation, 

Autumn Austin - Executive Director

Autumn completed her Bachelor and Master’s degree in business management and administration with a specialty in Marketing from University of Phoenix in 2008/2013. A daily fight with Lupus coupled with her being a wife, mother of 7, grandmother of 4, working a full-time job, holding the Executive Director position with Colors of Lupus Nevada, being a Founder/President of Gamma Pi Rho Lupus Sorority, Inc., and owning her